• TE Part # E32972-000 TE Internal #: E32972-000 Alias #:5-1899155-6 HVT-Z-80-G/SG  
  • Medium/High Voltage fuses that are a part of the Eaton Electrical product line may also be labeled under the brand names of Cutler Hammer, Westinghouse. We are Eaton’s UL Listed Late Point Definition Center located in Tulsa, OK.

    • Highly conformable, rubber-resin adhesive and the self-fusing, ethylene propylene, rubber backing provides UV resistance
    • Excellent electrical and mechanical properties offer a moisture seal and void-free buildups
    • Suitable for splicing and terminating cables and wires
    • Provides an excellent thermal dissipation of splice heat
  • Single Conductor Okoguard Medium Voltage Cables 2.4 kV - UL Type MV-90 35kV Shielded Power Cable One Aluminum Conductor/105°C Rating 100% and 133% Insulation Level
  • Power Controls, Incorporated introduces a compact UL Listed 5 kV Load Interrupter switch in indoor and outdoor models.  Our design solves space problems.  Meets IEEE and ANSI standards for medium-voltage switchgear. Available with a wide variety of options and accessories. Acomplete stock of fuses is ready for quick delivery.
    • Catalog Number: 656BCETP
    • Product ID: 7TAA122410R0030
    • UPC Number: 78378638068
    • EAN Number: 5415022103021
    • 600 Amp, 15kV, ComboT Elbow / Reducing Tap Plug (Aluminum) with Test Point - Basic Combo T Elbow with Bus and Stud.
  • 500 CU 2-HOLE LONG 1/2  , Copper Compression Lug, 2 Hole w/o Inspection Window, 500 kcmil, 1/2\" Stud, 1-3/4\" Stud Hole Spacing, Long Barrel, Tin Plated