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For your most demanding electrical construction and maintenance and repair jobs and the most reliable performance and quality, turn to Scotch® Super 33+™ Vinyl Electrical Tape. Its unique combination of aggressive pressuresensitive, rubber resin adhesive and elastic PVC backing offers both moisture-tight electrical and mechanical protection. And its excellent strength, flexibility and ability to recover means it can stretch up to 250% without breaking.

  • Product Highlights:
    - When you see the gold core, you have found the gold standard in electrical tape
    · Stretch and flexibility to conform to odd shapes and create nice, tight seals for electrical connections and critical applications
    · Highly resistant to abrasion, moisture, alkalies, acids, corrosion and varying weather conditions
    · Provides excellent insulation and adhesion in all weather conditions with long-lasting performance between 0°F and 221°F (-18°C and 105°C)
    · Compatible with rubber and synthetic splicing compounds
    · Long-lasting harnessing of wires and cables
    · CSA and VDE Certified, UL 510 Listed, IEC 60454-3-1-7/F-PVCP/90 and RoHS 2015/863/EU Compliant

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