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Product Details & Spec Sheet

Users can be sure of working in a higher degree of safety with 1000V CAT IV rated meters. Features include:

• 1000V CAT IV Rated
• UL 94 VI flame retardant self-extinguishing
• 10,000-count blue electroluminescent backlit display
• Measures up to 1000Vac (1400V peak), 1000Vdc and AC+DC with resolution to 10mV
• Measures single- and three-phase power (real, reactive and apparent) up to 3MW with resolution to 1W (Model dependent)
• Measures frequency to 20kHz with 0.1Hz resolution
• Auto selects AC or DC measurement voltage
• True InRush® current measurement with 100mS capture
• Jaw opening up to 1.89" (48mm)
• K-thermocouple and adapter included